Going Out With A BANG

It wouldn't be an ending without a bang, right? Actually I think I jinxed the whole day when I told Shelby last night, "welp, we made it" because I clearly spoke too soon. 

Our morning started fairly rough. We stayed an a hotel relatively close to the airport in Madrid, and we specifically chose this place because they had a shuttle that would bring us to the airport. We had made arrangements when we checked in to get the shuttle early enough, and thought everything was good to go. 

Let me take a step back and say that upon our arrival at this hotel the staff was slightly below hospitable. They checked us in, and rolled their eyes at our request of the shuttle. When we found our room, we also just felt a bit wary of the place. For such a huge, and nice place, there was nobody around. It just felt kind of, shining-esk. Redrum! 

So here we are this morning, outside ready for the shuttle 15 minutes before its arrival time. 15 minutes turned into 30, and we started to get nervous. When we asked the desk where the shuttle was, the woman rolled her eyes and said "it's 9:07" (shuttle due at 9) Shelby reassured her that we had been out there for the last half hour waiting to the response of "oh". With a little more waiting, they said it would be another 20-30 minutes. Now the nerves set in. They told us we had to call a cab instead and pay for that then. This put me into "angry Ashlee" mode, and I (slightly sternly) told the man that I thought it was ridiculous. He almost didn't call us a cab after I told him how I felt, but I think he just wanted me gone by that point. 

We got to the airport. Didn't check any bags and got our boarding passes without hassle and a nice view of some Chillean Olympic team (we couldn't figure out which sport). 

Then we went to security. I thought everything was fine. I put my belongings in the little tray, I took my baggy of liquids out of my backpack. Walked through the scanner, but when I went to grab my bag, the woman stopped me. She was saying something (I couldn't understand her fast Spanish) about my iPad. Something about how I had to go back through security. She handed me my small backpack and my tray and made me go back. Shelby snatched my bigger backpack and watched in complete amusement. 

Now there were no pictures, no announcements, and no instructions on how to separate your liquid bag in its own tray along with your electronics (minus the cell phone). So I guessed. And I guessed wrong. And boy was I in trouble. The woman started yelling at me. She grabbed a 2nd tray and slammed it down on the table to show me that the liquids and the iPad go in one tray and everything else in the other. I felt like a little kid. Oh well. I put my hands in the air and looked at the woman and said "I don't understand you"

So I went back again. Now by this point, I found this all quite humorous. And I started laughing. When I laugh, I can't stop. I was trying hard to stifle it so they wouldn't arrest me. FINALLY. I got it right. Now what irks me is that as Shelby is laughing at me and I'm just shaking my head and telling her the details, she looks at me and said "my liquids are still in my backpack". What the heck Spain?


I was about done before we started. Thankfully, we got on the plane and made our connections without any other mishaps. And now... WE ARE BACK IN THE STATES! I'm still amazed that I can walk around and understand people around me, and I catch myself saying gracias instead of thank you. I think it will take some adjusting for a few days, but I'm excited for my own bed tonight. :)