Sailing the Mediterranean

I bounced out of bed this morning, with a whole lot of pep in my step. I think Shelby about wanted to kill me when I announced, "I'm leaving in 10 minutes." At 7:50am. We had agreed on 8:30, but I was so ready to go! So I sulked until 8:30, our agreed upon time. I was just so ready to head to Cinque Terre. I've been looking forward to this day for months now. 

Down at the port, we got an all day pass for the boat to ferry us around Cinque Terre. I once again was bouncing, waiting by the gate that lead to the dock. I wanted on that boat, in a seat by the edge. Yesterday the woman working the boat ticket office said they don't get busy. I wondered what busy meant to her, because there was a lot of pushy/shovey people trying to get on that ferry. With little effort, I was able to get a seat, right where I wanted it. And we set off to sea! 


The speakers on the boat made announcements as we approached each of the small ports, but they weren't in English, so I have no idea what I would have learned had I known the language. That didn't matter. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning. Not a cloud in the sky. And I was on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea! Glorious! 

Cinque Terre is a national park now, but within it there are small little towns on the coast line. They have famous for their structure and being built up along the side of the cliffs. Also famous for their pesto, which we tried on our pizza. The towns are clearly a hot destination for summer beach goers. There were people swimming all around each of the ports and beaches. The towns were bustling with people, it was all very exciting. 

And beautiful! 

We had lunch in Vernazza, a little pesto, pizza, mozzarella, and tomatoes. Such a wonderful lunch. 


After several hours, the sun and heat were getting to us- so we journeyed back to La Spezia for the evening. It was our last day in Italy, and such an amazing last day it was. I had this moment of realization about just how far we have traveled in the few weeks we've been in Europe. And not only have we traveled thousands of miles so far, we have done some amazing things. Not to mention some pretty fun stories to tell. We head back into France tomorrow, but this time the south of France, the French Riviera. And by the end of the weekend we will be in Spain. Time is flying by, but yet we still have so much to see. :)