Lullaby Road by James Anderson

Ben wasn’t expecting company on his trek down Route 117, that was until he comes across a young kid with his dog and a note; asking Ben to look after the child. Not wanting the child to sit out in the cold, Ben loads him into his rig. Before hitting the road, Ben finds himself adding one more passenger when a friend, Ginny, flings her baby into his arms. Now Ben, the child, a baby, and a dog head out together just before the sun comes up.

I got into this book believing I was going to be thrown on a thriller truck ride. What was provided, though twisty, was more a slow burn of a novel. It didn’t produce the thrill ride I had been expecting. James Anderson has a way of writing, however. I enjoyed his descriptive voice and found myself enjoying all of the characters you meet along the ride.

I suggest reading the first in the series before delving into this novel. I found myself trying to piece together references that I couldn’t understand, having not read the first book. Now, I am intrigued to go and check out James Anderson’s first novel.


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.