When the Serpent Bites by Nesly Clerge

Frederick Starks worked his way from the ground up to create a life that would ensure his family was taken care of. Marrying his high-school sweetheart and building a family together, it seems as if they have it all, but under the easy going lifestyle was a secrets and betrayal. Sent into a rage after his wife’s infidelities, Starks finds himself face-to-face with the criminal justice system and the potential for a murder charge. Thrown into prison, a world he cannot fathom, Starks needs to find a way to survive his harsh new reality.

Clerge built a strong protagonist that one cannot help to admire and despise. Starks holds true to his values and his love throughout the entirety of the novel. Yet on the flip side, the decisions he makes from his clouded visions of past love for his wife bring a reader to the brink of madness. I found myself empathizing with his internal struggle while also scoffing and rolling my eyes at his actions. One page he is a sincere support trying to survive and the next he is an egotistical manipulator, I just never knew which Starks would surface.

This of course, if the first in a trilogy, and the book leaves you with a sense of longing to know what will become of the characters. At times, the book felt a bit slow, fully detailed with the day to day happenings when I simply wanted to know what would transpire.  


**Thank you to Nesly Clerge and his marketing team for providing me a copy in exchange for my review.