The Winter Sister by Megan Collins

Right from the start, I enjoyed this book. It was easy to get into with the back story. I appreciated learning about the family dynamics between sisters, Sylvie and Persephone, as well as their individual relationships with their damaged mother. The plot continued to clip along into the present time, and I started to understand Sylvie’s desire to stay as far away from her hometown as possible, regardless of what was pulling her back and what answers she still desperately wanted. The novel could be considered a slow burn, with just enough happenings to make a reader want to continue. That hint of mystery which pulled me through the rest of the book; I needed to know who killed Persephone.

The relationships among the characters and the individual character’s internal struggles stood out to me. Each character had their own internal demons, plaguing them with guilt in the events that happened so many years ago. While the characters struggled internally, the murderer went undetected. It was the interconnected web of people that had me questioning everyone because any one of them could be guilty of the unsolved murder, but who truly had the motive to take the young teen’s life?

I found myself stuck between believing each character played their role, and thinking that each character couldn’t possibly have murdered anyone. Just as much as Sylvie experiences ups and downs thinking she knows who hurt her sister, I found myself jumping to accusations at every interaction with another character. During my struggle to pinpoint the motive, I found I was able to predict some major twists. I found myself able to piece together some of the key elements that lead to Persephone’s murder, and eventually made my own conclusions before the book revealed the truth to me.

Overall, I thought the book was enjoyable, just not the rollercoaster of a thriller that I am drawn to. Nonetheless, I recommend the book to those that like that slow burn mystery with some twists that cause you to think twice about which characters you trust.

Thank you to @Netgalley and @AtriaBooks and @ImMeganCollins for providing me an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.