Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett

As educators, we are faced with an ever growing challenge to support students from a range of diverse backgrounds and needs. The key to supporting students comes down to teachers’ willingness to build strong relationships with students. Dr. Brackett makes the point that building a culture of emotionally healthy youth starts from the top down. Teachers need to be emotionally supported by administration, and both teachers and their administration need to model what it looks like to be emotional and successful. When teachers emotions are taken care of, they will be better equipped to support the varying emotional needs of students, and support students through their developing emotional needs. 

As Dr. Brackett says, “understanding emotions is a journey” and through his book, Permission to Feel, Dr. Brackett explains the importance of understanding one’s own emotions, knowing descriptive language to articulate emotions, and learning to regulate one’s emotions. By explaining why it is imperative for us to start to accept, understand, and support our emotional selves, Dr. Backett argues that we can support the younger generations to embrace emotions and live a successful life. 

I appreciated every part of this book. For a reflective educator, this book has provided me with many considerations for approaching my students in the future. I appreciate the connection to schools and the anecdotes which provide examples for practitioners to consider  in their approach to supporting students emotionally.

Thank you to Netgalley, Celadon Books, and Dr. Marc Brackett for an early copy in exchange for my honest review.